Exclusive Timber Species

This floorboard range is available in 135mmW or 180mmW, pre-finished to give you a ready to walk on floor that requires minimum care + maintenance. The finish you choose is also important when deciding what look to go for. Parquetry Flooring Company offer a wide variety of Australian and European timbers to suit all preferences. We have different species on display at our showroom in Beulah Park. No other flooring option can bring you the warmth like Australian hardwoods. The natural insulation keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer and you’ll feel constantly connected to Australian nature.
New England Blackbutt is sourced from the coastal ranges and tablelands of northern NSW and southern Queensland. The material is very similar in appearance timber flooring stores and properties to Blackbutt (E. pilularis). The colour ranges from pale browns to straw blondes, with gum veins being a common feature.

This is a very popular grade as it has just the right amount of natural features to satisfy most people’s taste if they are after a natural looking floor at a great price. Flooded Gum is a large hardwood that grows in the moist soils along the east coast of Australia ranging from around Bulahdelah in New South Wales up to northern Queensland. The heartwood is a pink to pale red-brown with the sapwood not clearly distinguishable. The grain is straight and the texture is moderately course and even. This insect leaves a small trail mark in a weaving or ‘scribbling’ pattern on the timber. A medium to large hardwood found on the tableland areas of southern New South Wales.
Brushbox is beautiful and sought after timber for both floorboards and parquetry. Brush box is a medium to large-sized Australian hardwood that grows in the central coast of New South Wales to Bowen in Queensland. Brushbox is available in solid timber floorboards, parquetry, and engineered/floating floors.

No matter what your style, our experts can help you find the perfect floor to suit your needs. If left unsealed, jarrah turns a pleasing grey colour over time. Jarrah has a durability rating of 2, which makes it a good timber for decking. It is also fire-resistant and may be suitable for use in fire-prone areas.
Tasmanian Oak is an Australian hardwood that is a collective name for three almost identical species that grow in the mountainous regions of Tasmania. It is a warm, dense, and resilient timber making is ideal for flooring. Tasmanian Oak is light with varying shades from straw to a reddish-brown.

When you choose timber, you are not only selecting a beautifully individual floor made from a renewable resource, you’re also making a positive impact on climate change. On the left is a sample coated in solvent polyurethane which brings out the warm colours of the timber. However, the right is a sample coated in water-based polyurethane giving a lighter and more low sheen look.
After the thermal modification process, Burn Ash is a durable and stable timber that is resistant to rot. Like blackbutt, spotted gum is a fire-resistant Australian hardwood. Also like blackbutt, it has a durability rating of 2, so is a long-lasting timber. A little darker than blackbutt, spotted gum also offers some intriguing colour variations. Tallowwood is a hardwood, prized for its blond-brown to slightly olive green colour. It goes in coast forests on the east coast, so is widely available.
Blackbutt has natural features like Gum Veins and pin holes so when choosing Blackbutt you need to expect some visible natural features. A modern country style A mid-tone native Australian timber, such as blackbutt. For a sophisticated vibe, go for grey and match it with grey walls and navy velvet upholstery. Hybrid flooring, which combines the durability of laminate with the soft appeal of luxury vinyl, is another budget-friendly option. "It's quick and easy to install, with minimal to no subfloor preparation," says Jason. "Plus it's waterproof and scratch-, stain- and scuff-resistant, making it ideal for busy households."

Quality is generally determined by the thickness of the timber layer, which ranges from about 0.6mm to 6mm thick, says Mark Chaz, director of Kustom Timber. "A thicker top layer feels more solid underfoot, has greater acoustic qualities and lasts longer. The thinnest top layer we'd recommend is 3mm thick." Engineered timber is usually pre-finished, making it quick to install by a professional – no sanding, sealing or staining required upon installation . "Depending on foot traffic, a solid floor will need maintenance every eight years or so," says Randy Flierman, CEO of the Australasian Timber Flooring Association . We are confident the Spotted Gum and Blackbutt floors from our range will enhance your interior style whether modern or classic for many years.

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