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I’m always anxious to find out what are the risks when undergoing a new treatment. Body Catalyst explained in explicit detail the risks of fat freezing. It was reassuring to hear that there was no risk of frostbite to the skin (even though the fat underneath would be frozen to -9c).
The patient then undergoes a 30-minute session, which is done through three cycles. The first cycle begins at lower power, inducing around reduce belly fat hundred contractions per second. The power is increased during the second cycle, inducing around thousand contractions per second.
This is a treatment that is growing in popularity for non-surgical chin fat reduction. When Kybella is injected into the chin, it damages fat cells permanently destroying their ability to store fats. This treatment is long-lasting, and once the desired results are achieved typically no further treatments in the future will be required, especially if your weight remains relatively stable. Fat Cavitation uses ultrasound waves to target a problem area where unwanted, stubborn fat cells are stored. The cutting-edge technology stimulates the body's natural processes to permanently eliminate fat. While fat freezing is designed to help eliminate stubborn fat, the best results will be achieved if you adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle alongside the fat freezing treatment.

Whether you’re concerned about stubborn pockets of fat that are immune to diet and exercise, troublesome cellulite, loose skin or other signs of ageing – their team can help. Body Catalyst’s mission is to help you achieve your body goals in a safe, gentle and effective way. CoolSculpting, or ‘fat freezing’, is a highly effective and non-invasive fat reduction procedure that uses cold treatment to sculpt the body and reduce unwanted fat cells.
Have access to industry best practice, technology updates, system and supports through our licence model. Due to explosive demand – we have 3 current opportunities for motivated nurses or beauty therapists, wanting to open and operate their own fat freezing clinics. If you have ever wanted to run your own beauty clinic but don’t know where to start - this is the perfect opportunity for you. After cryolipolysis in Sydney, you will be able to continue with your regular activities and everyday tasks. Staying hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water every day is advised, as well as sticking to well-balanced meals and being physically active.

The skin is able to be reshaped by promoting immediate collagen contraction that stimulates further collagen production. Radio Frequency energy breaks down stubborn fat and stimulates collagen and elastin production to tighten the skin's fibres. The skin appears firmer and smoother, with less visible dimpling, lumps and unsightly bumps. Turn back the clock with this treatment using advanced Radio Frequency energy which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to firm & plump the skin. Not only does this rejuvenate your skin but it creates smoother, fresher and younger looking skin.
Book your initial consultation with our specialists to see if you are a suitable candidate. Book a consultation with one of our qualified and experienced therapists. During this consultation we will discuss your body goals, any concerns you might have, the risks of the treatment and the exact areas you’d like to target. The procedure is completely non-surgical, and most patients report that they are able to return to normal activities immediately after the procedure has taken place. As traditional surgery - such as tummy tucks - brings with it months of discomfort and disruption to life, fat-freezing is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to the likes of liposuction. The treatments are non-invasive – meaning the treatment does not penetrate the skin so there is no risk of infection or complication.
At Body Catalyst, we believe the best thing a person can have is a positive self-image, especially about their body. We’re here to help you feel your best in your own skin and make the shift from seeing your body as the enemy to celebrating every inch of them. Click below to book a free consultation and enjoy 50% Off Your first treatment. ENDERMOLOGIE® has a cumulative effect, whereby the connective tissue of the skin becomes healthier over time. An initial assessment of a client’s condition will determine the likely number of treatments necessary to achieve the result they desire. LPG Endermologie is the latest development in non-invasive cellulite treatment.

Our clinic is medically supervised and if experience, credibility and a ‘natural look’ is what you are looking for, then make Queensland’s largest cosmetic clinic, Cosmetic Image Clinics your preferred provider. All you have to do is give us an hour of your day and chill out, relax, read a book or watch a movie while the CoolSculpting technology goes to work on those problematic areas. It is important to drink plenty of water after post treatment as it helps to eliminate the metabolic by products generated by the treatment from the body.
First, our certified and highly trained CoolSculpting clinician will position the high-precision CoolSculpting applicator over the treatment area. They’ll place a specific skin-protector patented cooling gel pad in between the skin and the device to gently but effectively freeze the fat cells without harming the tissue beneath. The main benefit of this fat removal procedure is that it is non-surgical. This procedure does not require the person to be in the hospital for a long period of time.

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