Houston DWI Lawyer

If you've been arrested and charged with a crime in Fort Bend county, you need a Sugar Land Criminal Defense Attorney who has the knowledge, skill, and determination to win your case. If it so happens that you are stopped by a police officer, and they suspect you may be over the legal limit, they usually ask pointed questions such as how much did you have to drink, where were you drinking, when did you stop drinking, and the like.
This is what you need to know: charges for a DWI in Texas or a DUI in Texas—even if they are first-time charges (like a DWI Texas First Offense)—are nonetheless Harris County Criminal Court charges which could potentially result in adverse, long-term consequences.

Although Troy was intoxicated, we fought hard to prove that the evidence was insufficient that he was ever seen driving by police, that he had been driving or that he intended to drive when found, by police, passed out behind the wheel in a public place with the motor running and when, upon being awakened, he attempted several times to put his truck in gear.
To utilize the necessity defense in a Texas felon in possession of a firearm charge, the person facing criminal charges must argue he or she reasonably believed having the firearm in his or her possession was necessary to avoid imminent danger or harm.

Attorney Bio: Jonathan J. Paull, a native Texan born in Houston, focuses his practice on criminal defense, with an emphasis on Houston DWI defense, Harris County DWI defense, Galveston DWI defense, Ft. Bend County DWI defense, Montgomery County DWI defense, and Brazoria County DWI defense.
As a former assistant district attorney in his first few years as a lawyer, Mr. Nelson provides our team with insights into how to effectively defend our clients against strategies used by prosecuting attorneys in Harris County, Galveston County, and in surrounding jurisdictions.

Cheap DWI Lawyer in Houston TX has years of experience, affordable DWI and cheap DWI attorney fees in Houston TX to fight your DWI charge 713-904-3994 After being arrested for a DWI you will want to find an DWI Lawyer experienced and cheap DWI Lawyer in Houston, TX. A DWI isn't something to be played with in Houston, Texas and can lead to imprisonment, heavy fines, and other dire consequences such as losing your job.
The courts are not easily navigated, from knowing where to show up, which paper to fill out, and who to pay your fees to. By hiring a DWI lawyer, you have someone who knows all the administrative and legal processes, so you do not have to figure it out.
If so, you may find it beneficial to become familiar with the Texas Penal Code regarding drunk driving and DWI laws When you have questions about the penal code, Houston DWI defense attorney Herman Martinez can provide valuable insight into the drunk driving statutes of Texas.

Defendants with a blood or breath result over15 must also have a device in their vehicle unless the court finds in the interest of justice that it is not necessary. Our attorneys usually recommend that drivers do not submit to a blood or breath test. If your lawyer doesn't have experience in trial, you subject yourself to great risk.

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