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There is no other Discount Diamond which will shine brighter. Lalique’s fragrance business was looking for a way to join in on this new way of making perfume. Perfumer Nathalie Lorson would help as she composed three perfumes for the brand from ; Perles de Lalique, Amethyst, and Encre Noire.
In 1926, Rene Lalique began manufacturing satin-finished vases, bowls, and statuettes. Today, his fine tradition endures with themes ranging from classical forms to ultramodern designs. An emotive body, associating the mysterious notes of Bourbon Vetyver and Haiti Vetyver with the warm and enveloping notes of Wood from Cashmere and Musks. I purchased this eau de toilette based on the on line reviews. The product I received was as expected but I personally do not like this fragrance. Probably there is a reason why it is so inexpensive.

The dramatic goth associations actually make sense. After that first time wearing, it's 'just' a nice sharp vetiver with strong performance. Encre Noire is a popular perfume by Lalique for men and was released in 2006. It is being marketed by Lalique Group / Art & Fragrance. I had high hopes for Encre Noire after reading the reviews so I went ahead and ordered a bottle.
I like the definition of ateneo_ldb "downright gothic". A very underrated house in my opinion, with really original fragrances. I wonder if it would still be held in such high regard if it was always priced around 90 euros and not 30 ? Then again it is still an interesting and artistic concept and a decent yet far from commercial/typical fragrance (despite the hype and number of comments here!). I really appreciate this creation but it's not an everyday scent for me. No, there is no ink as the one for a fountain pen.

The whole thing feels seamless and bold, but at no point does the fragrance feel loud of intrusive, in fact I would say it’s best described as quietly confident. Like I said I also use my colognes a lot during the summer and Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal checks both cologne and vetiver boxes. Perfumer Jerome Epinette uses a higher distilling fraction of vetiver which produces a much greener, less heavy, woody vetiver source. Epinette weaves it into a traditional cologne structure of citrus, orange blossom, and cedar. The unique raw material turns this Vetiver into an opaque vetiver breeze and because it is a cologne absolue this breeze blows all day long.
It's easy to see why it's so popular since it's one of the very great bargain scents, smelling far more expensive than it is. It has a damp, earthy vegetal smell thanks to the vetiver, and the Cyprus adds a note of fresh, outdoorsy green. It's pleasingly bitter, the way fresh herbs can have a bite. That said, it's not to my nose the Gothic fragrance others seem to perceive it as. The musks, cashmere woods, and what smells like a walloping dose of Iso E Super, add softness and even a fluffiness to the fragrance as it dries down. It's a lovely, almost aromatherapeutic fragrance, and is well worth the money. I guess it leans masculine, but only by traditional association.
@desiEscobar if you can smell iso E super, then there is a huge difference between Sport/Regular and Extreme. EN and ENS are both iso E bombs - like a Febreeze room spray. Extreme actually smells like vetiver, wood and ink. My one and only gripe is that this fragrance has almost zero projection.

I haven't tried the Eau de Parfum, and don't plan to, given that it runs $750. I got my 50 ml Eau de Toilette at parfum1 for $42, and am perfectly happy with it. All our fragrance are 100% Genuine Authentic Hand Decanted Samples. DecantX carefully creates each sample in a secured and temporized lab. Using the highest quality glass vials and equipping every bottle with a spray top . Encore Noire by Lalique is composed by the perfumer, nose Nathalie Lorson. The iconic black bottle of Encre Noire by Lalique was meticulously designed back in 2006.
The vetiver seems natural and I believe the cashmere to be synthetic cashmeran. It mixes with the vetiver to provide a full woodsy scent. However, I don't feel it smells like a forest after a rain or any other verdant scene from nature. There is no time of year when the smell outside resembles Encre Noire. To my nose, the synthetic quality keeps it firmly distant from that place. It hovers between synthetic and natural. The iso e super contributes to that effect.

I gave it only a very quick smell, but thought it was pretty. I'm fairly sure it is actually a 2003 limited edition that they've brought back click here for Neiman Marcus. I have a long line of friends and relatives who love my rejects. I love Hiris because it's sharp, metallic and bitter.
Its fresh and woody top notes come from the naturally aromatic cypress. Its stimulating core combines mysterious notes of vetiver, Bourbon and Haitian vetiver with the warm and enveloping notes of cashmere wood and musk. My all-time favorite vetiver fragrance is Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire.

All of the products we sell here at, as well as all of our partner sites, are 100% authentic, original products manufactured by the original designer. We only carry genuine brandname perfumes & colognes – absolutely no imitations, knock-offs or "versions" of any fragrances. Please note that we are not the manufacturer of any of the products we carry.
Perfumer Nathalie Lorson, who created Encre Noire in 2006, took vetiver and fashioned the rough, scratchy roots into a piece of silk. Everything that makes vetiver interesting–the roasted, nutty, spicy bits–are still there, but there is a soft glaze of musk to tone down the sharp edges. The rich notes of woods give Encre Noire a suave, enveloping feel, and except for the delicate sprinkling of pepper and citrus peel, it’s a dark blend. Here at Scent Split, we specialize in offering samples and decants of a superlative array of fragrances. Initially bright spicy-green, this rather dark and slightly boozy dry earthy-woody Mid season fragrance settles to a warm dusty woody base.
Some folks have commented that Encre Noire smells earthy. I don't get that, but you can take it there with a touch of natural patchouli. Layer some synthetic oudwood with Encre Noire to add a dry powdery quality that takes you even further into that synthetic weirdness.

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