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J.J. Hebert is a best-selling author and the owner of the publishing company Mindstir Media Mindstir Media helps authors self-publish their books. Seacoast Press and its parent company, MindStir Media, were featured in the February 19th issue of New Hampshire Business Review, the oldest and most trusted business newspaper in NH. Learn about Seacoast Press founder J. J. Hebert's journey and experience as an award-winning author of three #1 Amazon bestselling books and owner of a prominent and fast-growing book publisher based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Also receive real-time Mindstir Media news and updates. For instance, MindStir authors have enjoyed exposure on major news outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliated sites. Don't expect that strangers will automatically care about your book: I have to admit that when I first started self-publishing, I thought everyone needed my book.

I like to work with authors that generally see writing as a career and therefore are willing to put in the time to collaborate on marketing their books with me. I see my relationship with my clients as being a partnership in a sense. He published the book through MindStir Media in July 2009 and then aspiring authors, noticing the success, contacted him to receive advice on the publishing process and marketing.
Danielle DiPietro Hawkins, author of The ABCs of Italian Travel, describes her self-publishing experience with MindStir Media , self-publishing company. The self-publishing side: Authors retain their publishing rights and their creative control. I cover social media, email marketing, SEO and more in the post and hope that authors (and aspiring authors) find it useful.
As a best-selling author and the owner of Mindstir Media book publishers, J.J. Hebert has had the opportunity to travel extensively over the years. I recently ran a Facebook dark post with a budget of about $100 and saw hundreds of link clicks - and that means actual website traffic - and those resulted in leads and sales.

We use web services or software for nearly everything we do at Mindstir Media. He also reaches thousands of aspiring authors through his blogs and also through the publishing consultations that he offers. Our staff will create and host a website (if part of your marketing plan) for the life of the book.
J.J. is also the founder of MindStir Media , which helps authors successfully self-publish and distribute books worldwide. MindStir Media, LLC is a leading self-publishing company headquartered in NH. MindStir Media provides a wide range of self-publishing services geared toward books of all genres.
The paperback became an best-seller in three categories, with an overall sales rank of 857 out of over 10 million books available at Amazon. Hebert started taking on author clients in 2010. I'm a huge fan of online business marketing, specifically social media.

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