New York City Marriage Therapist

46 providers offering affordable therapy and marriage counseling in New York. In addition to my practice, I am an Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Postgraduate Program in Couple Therapy at Adelphi University and on the faculty of the Marriage Therapy Program at The Training Institute for Mental Health Marital Therapy Program in Manhattan.
If two people who feel unhappy in their relationship try to find out where the trouble lies, face the human reality that it is inevitable to make mistakes, and take responsibility for the unhappiness, whether it be caused by infidelity or a general feeling of dissatisfaction, they have a good chance to work things out.

They feel unable to turn to their husbands for this emotional support for different reasons: fearing she would trigger a relapse; feeling rejected because of his involvement in computer sex; sensing her husband's inability to provide emotional support; being shamed by a husband's angry or dismissive response from her attempts to reach out for support and companionship; or resolving that her husband was emotionally preoccupied with his own struggle with addiction.
We discover our unexpressed emotions, passions, and dreams, listening to the deepest parts of ourselves, trusting in our best instincts to thrive and transform - with someone who cares - our therapist, our partner, our family and our friends - and we begin to take action.

Our staff of creative, caring counselors and therapists (including a consulting psychiatrist - see About Us page), have over 80 years collective experience and knowledge in marriage, couples, relationship counseling and therapy, premarital counseling and relationship problem advice.
The good news is that we have seen from our experience that not only is it possible to repair, rebuild, or newly build a committed relationship, but the level of emotional and physical intimacy that comes from working on these issues together is sustaining, gratifying and growth-producing for each member of the couple.
The story of powerlessness serves to absolve us from facing that which we are afraid of (i.e., abandonment, confrontation, disapproval, etc.). If we are seeking healing and healthy relationships we must be completely honest with ourselves about our role in maintaining dynamics that do not feel good or right.

Our therapists are committed to your growth and development, and aim to fulfill your therapeutic goals by helping you strengthen your emotional well-being, improve your interpersonal relationships, gain insight and understanding around your triggers and reactions, and implement the necessary tools for you to be in control of your life.
People come to therapy for disturbed mood (such as anger, anxiety, panic and depression), family conflicts, behavioral disturbances and acting out unhealthy behaviors, relationship conflicts, social problems, career issues, sex issues, anger management and more.
In an atmosphere geared to safety, self-reflection, and dialogue, the therapist and the couple engage in a process which seeks to clarify couples therapy the needs and expectations of the individuals, so that the relationship can be built on a true sense of empathy and partnership.

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