The Best Restaurants In Yokohama Chinatown

Yokohama, the second largest city of Japan, is an exciting city and known for its futuristic port, Chinatown and relaxed atmosphere. Good versions of this yoshoku (western-inspired Japanese cuisine) should not be over greasy, and are usually served with shredded cabbage and rice, curried to make Japanese curry katsu or sandwiched between fresh white bread with a delicious sauce to lap up. It is so popular that you'll find tonkatsu being made and served all over Yokohama, with one of my favorite spots being Katsuretsu An The English menu might be the initial drawcard, but that the friendly staff and great tonkatsu is what keeps the loyal patrons coming back for more.
The special taste of Japanese curry with the floury doughnut is a perfect combination and a great food to eat on the go. Most bakeries and convenience stores sell 中華街 食べ放題 おすすめ these delightful snacks but you should grab one to try at the Pompadour bakery chain with many outlets conveniently located in shopping malls and train stations.

Some of Chungking Chinese Sichuan's more popular banquet dishes include Lobster (or beef) in Taro Nest, Abalone Mushrooms with Baby Bok Choy in Oyster Sauce, Winter Melon Soup served in the melon, Sliced Abalone in the shell, Cold Appetizers served in the shape of a peacock, and a whole Ginger Scallion Fish.
Just under an hour on the subway from central Tokyo, the port city Yokohama is a welcome break from the busy streets of the capital with its relaxed environment, wide open spaces, and a harbor-side where it's almost too easy to lose your worries and stresses as you stroll or cycle along.
With this Yokohama itinerary, we're sharing the best things to do on your Yokohama day trip including the must-see attractions that are great for all ages, how to get to there, how to get around the city, and some accommodations options for an overnight stay.

The city is definitely a walkable one but those pressed for time may find it easier to resort to public transportation when getting around. There are several all-you-can-eat courses with up to 133 dishes in the restaurant, and the most popular of all is all-you-can-eat-buffet style.
Most of the shops in this town are Chinese restaurants, cafes, groceries and antique shops. You can also enjoy our extensive buffet station of over 50 dishes, featuring an assortment of exquisite salads, fruits, appetizers and desserts, all to your heart's content.

When it comes to enjoying Chinatown, it's the sampling of the various types of Chinese dishes. Thus, many Tokyo-ites were shocked, and not a little appalled, when they learned about American places such as David's Taiwanese Restaurant in Queens, where sushi and sashimi are served alongside Chinese food.
Ryushoki is a popular Chinese restaurant for their all-you-can-eat course with 138 items and is the origin of oven-grilled Peking ducks. The colour filled streets, shops and restaurants immediately transport visitors to the Middle Kingdom, but what completes the experience is the food.

Yokohama, the capital city of Kanagawa , is the second largest city in Japan and home to the largest Chinatown in Asia. Shatenki is very popular restaurant for it's Okayu (rice gruel) dish. It's probably one of the most popular dishes throughout Japan in the swealtering summer months.
You're most likely already in Tokyo to take this Yokohama day trip. I show you my Top 5 best Japanese street food in Chinatown Yokohama. At the time, it was a 53-minute ride by rail to Tokyo's Shimbashi station; today's JR train takes less than 30 minutes. As of January 1996, a registered population of twelve thousand seven hundred seventy-nine Chinese people (chuguokujin), live mostly nestled between Yokohama's famous Motomachi shopping strip, Yamashita Park, and Yokohama Stadium.
No one would disagree with me when I say that the one best thing when it comes to Chinatown is the Chinese cuisine. Just like you will find with Italian, French, Indian or Thai cuisine around here - food quality and service will be top notch, adjusted to Japanese standards.

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