The Keto Diet

The Paleo diet is a low sugar, low sodium and high protein diet that aims to provide optimum health by following the diet of our ancestors who lived in the Paleolithic era. Athletes that are looking to maximize their power may struggle to put on weight and improve their strength with a low carbohydrate diet, but endurance athletes that need to sustain their energy for long periods of time might become more efficient if they fuel themselves on fat stores.
I was planning to go on this diet, but after reading the pros and cons, and thinking it through really well, I decided I just don't want to. Oh, I plan to cut way down on sugar and refined carbs, but I love fruits, and veggies, and I just don't dig high fat consumption.

That's because when you start eating more fat and cut out the extra carbs (think sugar, bread and pasta), you tend to experience fewer blood sugar swings and cravings that plague most people on the Standard American Diet When your body runs on ketones for fuel, it has a steady supply of energy in the form of body fat.
As such, you receive an abundance of valuable information that teaches you the ins and outs of the ketogenic diet - from the basic information to the benefits; from the keto-friendly foods to the ones to avoid; why and how to make substitutions and much more.

In addition to protein sources like eggs, fish, poultry and meat, you'll end up filling up on many healthy fats like olive oil, avocados , tree nuts and seeds and low-carb veggies like spinach and kale, if you're trying to follow either eating plan closely.

During my carb up period- for the sake of those who would like to know of you can get in shape and sill eat the things you want (in moderation)- for the first six weeks I will be relaxed about what I eat in this period but then the following 6 weeks I will only eat clean carbs.
Because once you are in ketosis, it's easy to follow.” Usually, it takes between one to four days to enter the state, doctors say, but it depends on many factors like activity level: a runner, for example, may sprint there faster than a couch potato.

Currently there are no long-term studies on the keto diet to see what effects, positive or negative, the diet can have on the body over the course ketodiet of several years, leaving some doctors worried about the negative outcome eating so much fat could have on the body's bad cholesterol.
Our findings highlight the interplay between metabolism and the immune system, and how it coordinates maintenance of healthy tissue function,” said Emily Goldberg, the postdoctoral fellow in comparative medicine who discovered that the keto diet expands gamma-delta T cells in mice.

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