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While She Naps is a blog about designing and sewing stuffed animals and running a creative business. I advise you to contact the consumer product safety commission to learn how to get your product certified as safe for very young children. I make wet felted stuffed toys and have recently become aware of labeling requirements and safety testing. I’m trying to untangle the information I’m reading.
We are wooden toy store that offers handmade wooden toys for sale. When festivals are around the corner, Kondapalli bommalu get off their shelves and become the main attraction of the day. Sankranti is celebrated in vigour with an arrangement of Kondapalli ensemble, narrating tales of religion, society and folklore. With their creative take Silicone mold on traditional themes, the artisans devote a large portion of their work to rural life and spirituality. Toys ( bills itself as an affordable toy store that sells quality products, and I wholeheartedly agree. Despite its Venice address, Huzzah is a good old-fashioned toy store without any pretension or weird, pointless toys.

If buying with a conscious is high on your list of things to do this holiday season, where do you find high quality handmade goods? The internet is crawling with items that claim to be unique and handmade but it is almost impossible to discern the junk from the gems. Here is the 411 on where to get unique handmade goods in NYC. Not only is Tom’s Toys ( one of the best independent toy store mini-chains in Southern California, but the stores themselves are huge.
Our strong belief is that a woman just needs an opportunity. We consciously hire women who either dropped out of college and need to fund their education or women who took sabbatical to manage their initial motherhood. But what makes it worthwhile and memorable are those innocent and most important 0-7 years.
Both amusing him and improving his skills. They help him focus and follow moving objects with his eyes. Coco Village offers mobiles and garlands to keep your baby safe and awake. You will find a large variety of pillows and cushions for your child's bedroom at Coco Village.

We pay fair trade wages to all our employees, lifting families out of poverty and keeping children in school. Established in 2004, Acorn Toy Shop sells unique, handcrafted, ethically-made toys and goods that inspire the imagination and foster healthy childhood development. Welcome to our collection of Meiya and Alvin baby and toddler toys.
For anybody considering making anything for children under fourteen I would say don’t even think about it. Needless to say my grandchildren are mortified. Flourish is a global online marketplace for all things made from good. Flourish was started with the purpose of being a driving force for conscious consumerism, by bringing together environmental and social impact in our mark of goodness.

These are great places to find a one of a kind present for your special little one. There are holiday bazzaars at Union Square, Columbus Circle, and Grand Central Station. I bought it as a gift for my friend's baby. We employ over 120 women-in-need, including refugees from Syria & Afghanistan and impoverished women in Turkey.
Baby bedding made of natural, quality materials is an essential addition to any baby bed. At Coco Village, we offer a wide array of organic crib bedding, from cotton sheets to waffle throws. Do you have a child who loves to play pretend? This set of doll house furniture looks to be easy to build for your child’s mini-worlds. Sometimes the simple gifts are the ones that will keep your kids engaged the longest. is a Brooklyn based custom t-shirt company that makes a t-shirt kit that kids can mail in their own art and have it printed on shirts of their choosing. Stinky Minky - makes pj’s for toddlers out of vintage pattern flannel. You can buy their goods at this year’s Union Square Holiday Market. All of our items are handmade due to this the sizes may vary slightly.
3D Ultrasound and baby boutique – Seeing your baby in the womb is an incredible bonding experience that you won’t want to miss! Our studio is a lovely and relaxing environment- no “hospital” feeling at all. Watching your baby’s heart beating, working through the hiccups, playing with its toes, and sucking its thumb will bring you a feeling of peace and love like never before.
Our beautiful 100% organic bed throws and blankets will keep your child warm inside and out. Kids become aware of their living spaces as they grow up. They know what kind of bedroom they like, what colors and textures they prefer. Here you can find organic bedding sets tailored to your children to create a cozy atmosphere in their room. We also have series for other ages too like homemade gifts for 1 year olds, homemade gifts for 3 year olds, as well as DIY Chrismas Ideas for 4 year olds.

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